Our Club Goal

To build volleyball players who play hard with our commitment to increase skill level by being dedicated coaches.  

Our Club Mission

To improve skills necessary to compete at a higher level.  Become part of our family where respect, discipline and hard work come together to build the best team Wilkes County has to offer!  

Come join the Wilkes County Aces for the 2023-2024 Season

Commitment, discipline and selflessness are the key components to excellence at WCA.  As athletes and coaches, we share a common commitment to the advancement of ourselves and those around us, both as volleyball players/coaches as well as people.  WCA is dedicated to constantly striving to reach a unified vision of success which is driven by our work ethic.  We are committed to providing a program of excellence through quality training of athletes and a program designed to give athletes optimal opportunities to succeed both on and off the court.  WCA recognizes it takes more than one individual to make a club successful and that the development of our athletes is like a journey.  It takes direction, a well thought out plan, and collaboration of like minds working towards the same goals while recognizing that each year is another critical step in the path towards achievement and accomplishment.  The journey leads nowhere without every player, parent, coach, administrator and fan believing in the mission and goal. 

Wilkes County Aces Volleyball club is committed to providing a program of excellence through quality training of athletes. 


Attitude & Commitment, Equals Success

Wilkes County Aces Staff and Coaches

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